Why Buy
With Focus?

Consultative Approach:

We strive to understand our buyers’ wants and needs, treating their purchase as if it were our own. We provide guidance and advice based on our experience and always inform you of the pros and cons of each situation we encounter throughout the selling process.


With over 12 years in the business, millions of dollars of transactions per year, a lengthy investing track record and a background in Real Estate financing, I have the experience to help you navigate the selling process.

New or Resale:

We have significant experience with new home builders, so we can help you navigate the process whether you choose to buy a new home or a resale.

Buyer Financing Review:

Comparing mortgage lender quotes can be tricky. We obtain and diligently compare multiple quotes to find you the best deal for your specific situation.


We’re constantly refining our Contractor’s Corner list, a directory of contractors we know, like and trust. From insurance to plumbing, and everything in between, we help you find the right professionals to work on your home.


In this competitive market, you need someone who can act quickly. We are available nights, weekends, lunch hours, etc. to show you homes.

Buyer-Friendly Contracts:

We set up our Listing Agreements to provide great fiduciary service as well as flexibility for our buyers.

Give Back to the Community:

Real Estate and the community go hand in hand. When you sell with Focus, we will donate $100 and volunteer our time to a local good cause.